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I’m Rosie Knight, a writer, journalist, author, and podcast host.

I love recommending brilliant books, cool comics, and fantastic films to people. I also really like alliteration - I grew up on old Marvel Comics -  in case the newsletter name didn't already clue you into that, so apologies in advance. 

Sharing my love of stuff that I've read and watched is one of the things I miss most about my years in comics and book retail. If you ever see me at my beloved comic shops Pulp Fiction or Secret Headquarters you may well mistake me for a member of staff as I'm forever helping customers find great things to read or gift to people. 

As for what these newsletters will look like, well if you've read any of my books coverage at Nerdist (or heard me gushing about my never ending favorites on X-Ray Vision) you'll have an idea of what to expect and if not then welcome, thanks for reading, and I hope you like passionate recommendations! In each newsletter I'll be curating selections of things I love for you to read and/or watch. It's that simple!

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